In this tutorial, we streamline model predictions with an API endpoint that accepts a raw string for inferencing. We also experiment with model signatures for a more customizable payload.

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Here’s the GitHub repo with all of the code.

Tips to stand out in a competitive job market

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So, what can an aspiring data scientist do to stand out?

Deploy an AI assistant using Rasa — from conception to Facebook — within an hour.

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Set up GPT-2 demo in under 5 minutes using Streamlit

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Share your app with the internet in under 5 minutes

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Step-by-step guide for using Airflow + Docker to deliver weather forecasts to Slack

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Airflow + Slack

Can our model accurately detect churn to help retain these customers?

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Telco Dataset

Data Exploration

Data Science Crash Course

The Ultimate Python library for working with Relational Data

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Data Science Crash Course

Understanding Probabilistic Models starting with Logistic Regression

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Data Science Crash Course

Understanding Tree-based models for Classification and Regression

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